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Glass bottle 30 ml with spray cap for flat use

An extremely effective pure herbal product for treating skin inflammations, herpes, and Plantar warts.

Natural remedies for Plantar warts and virtual skin defects

tincture-12, a highly effective pure herbal product for skin care, against viruelle lesions, herpes and Plantar warts, you exempt within a short time and without any pain.

tincture-12 is a traditional and proven method based on herbal ingredients that are harvest fresh natural sites according to specific methods and pharmaceutical personnel. Active ingredients: Thuja occidentalis, Chelidonium majus and Plantago lanceolata

tincture-12 with its antibacterial and antiviruellen agents effectively combated all attacks on the skin, is very skin-friendly, non-corrosive and has no side effects. Special messengers stimulate the immune system, which can better defend themselves against the wart virus.

tincture-12 is applied several times daily to the appropriate locations. Depending on the type and size of most lesions and especially the very annoying and painful Plantar warts disappear after 1 to 3 weeks.

tincture-12 comes in a dropper bottle with 30 ml.